Engagement Photo Shoots


I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start in the New Year! My year started out planning an impromptu getaway, so I couldn’t be more excited for all the amazing things this year holds. I’m sure many of you are getting used to that extra sparkle on your finger and settling in to the craziness of planning! One aspect of engagement that doesn’t always get much hype, but has come to be expected is the engagement photo shoot. Doing a photo shoot for your engagement is the perfect way to remember this exciting time in your life!

Ruffled - photo by http://www.michaelandcarina.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/cape-henlopen-engagement-session/


There are a few HUGE benefits to scheduling an engagement shoot, other than the beautiful memories you will create.

  1. Get to know your photographer. I usually recommend using the same photographer for your engagement photos and your wedding. Not only does this usually save you a little money, you will also get to know your photographer and be more comfortable with him or her. This will mean even better photos on your wedding day! So start looking at the work of photographers in your area and find someone whose work fits your vision and style.
  2. Photos for Save-the-Dates and other wedding related paper goods. Years from now, you’ll love looking back at the photos from this special time, but you can also make good use of the pictures right now! Save the dates, holidays cards, wedding invitations, the list goes on. There are hundreds of gorgeous options, many of them easily available online!
  3. Be comfortable in front of a camera – as a couple. Not only do you need to be comfortable with your photographer, you need to be comfortable with that thing they are aiming at you! Having your picture taken casually is very different than posing for professional photos. Your engagement shoot can help you feel more natural holding poses (and kisses!) longer than you normally would, which definitely makes for better wedding photos!



So now you’ve decided you have to do a shoot and you’ve found your photographer. The next part is really the hardest – choosing your outfit(s) and your venue(s). Yes, you may want more than one of each! As you look through other engagement shoots, you’ll notice that most have one casual outfit and one more formal outfit. For advice on choosing something perfect, I love the advice from my friend, Gillian, over at A Coastal Bride.

If you are anything like me, venue choice will probably not be as difficult as outfit choice. I’m lucky to live in a place that is pretty enough to have photos taken anywhere – downtown Charleston with the historic homes, the beaches with white sand, the plantations with gorgeous oak trees and flowering gardens, you get the idea. But you can really do a photo shoot almost anywhere! Think of a place that might have some sentimental meaning or somewhere you are both comfortable. I recently saw this shoot where the couple re-created their first date. How fun is that?!

No matter what you choose to do, just remember to have fun! That will make the best pictures of all!

Happy planning!


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