Bridal Market Fall 2015 Trends


During the past week, New York played host to the semi-annual Bridal Fashion Week. Bridal designers got to show off their brand new, Fall 2015 collections to their loyal boutiques, bloggers, and fans. These collections are more exciting than the past few seasons, in my opinion. Designers recognized that today’s bride is looking to truly express herself through her fashion. They went back to their roots and as a result, produced gowns with more personality and more attention to detail. This also means that each collection is vastly different from the next! Brides have more choice than ever before.

I’d love to say that this was the season of the “no trends” trend, but a few commonalities did emerge from the varied fashions. Below, you will find the latest trends and my favorite examples of each!


Sparkle 1 Sparkle 2

Gowns this season glittered all the way down the runway. From fully beaded to soft shimmer, brides are going to have their choice of bling.



Colors 2 Colors 1

From nudes, peaches, and golds all the way to icy blues and even floral print, Designers were not afraid to play with color and pattern this season. Many of the gowns that were shown in color will likely also come in white for the more traditional bride, but designers are embracing the rising tide of brides looking to make a statement.


Texture and fullness

Fullness 1 Fullness 2

Just as we thought the ball gown was finished, designers this season resurrected it with a bang! Full skirts abounded and textured fabrics ruled the runway. Maybe it’s the princess fever started by Disney or maybe it’s just fashion coming back around, but I love the return of the pouf!


Detailed Backs

Back 1 Back 2

“How low can you go?” seemed to be the name of the game this season. Designers’ took the low back trend from last season to brand new heights (or should I say lows?). The plunging back was also accompanied by more detail – lace illusion, keyholes, and gorgeous trim prettied up this serious statement.



Sleeves 1 Sleeves 2

Long, short, flutter, and bell – if there you have a sleeve shape in mind, it appeared on the runway this fall. Kate Middleton may have started it with her beautiful, long lace sleeves, but designers have embraced this trend and made it their own. Gone are the days of brides lamenting the lack of straps in the boutique!


I could go on and on about all the pretty details and pleasant surprises from the past week, but suffice to say I will be spending a LOT more time ogling these gowns.  If you’d like to see more as well, has the most comprehensive coverage I have seen so far. There has never been a better time to be a bride! Let your imagination run wild, the designers are right there backing you up.

Happy planning!



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