Bridal Fashion Week Newbies

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Bridal market has come and gone and left us absolutely swimming in seas of gorgeous new gowns. While I take some time to put together some of the hottest new trends on the white carpet, I wanted to highlight some new comers to the bridal fashion game. These designers all presented gorgeous collections and I’m sure will be popular favorites soon!


Pamella Roland

pamella roland compilation

Pamella Roland has long been a staple of haute couture evening wear, and her first foray into the world of white doesn’t disappoint! She effortlessly elevates classic evening looks to wedding-appropriate fashion with a collection that can cater to every bride. I don’t think these designs are just beginner’s luck, so I am looking forward to seeing more next season!

Kate McDonald Bridal

kate mcdonald 2kate mcdonald bridal








You may already be familiar with Katherine’s work as she is one of the masterminds behind the gorgeous LulaKate bridal and bridesmaid label! I was so excited to see one of Charleston’s own making it on the big stage. Her line didn’t make it down the runway this season, but she showcased her gorgeous creations at the Charleston Weddings party.

Astrid and Mercedes


This line may have some familiar features, as it is a sister to one of my favorites – Lea-Ann Belter. Named after her two nieces, Lea-Ann created this line with the fresh, young, bride in mind. With easy styling and gorgeous fabrics (and a lower price point than her collection gowns), this is sure to be a hit!


I love to see the bridal world growing and evolving each season! I’m really excited about the new season of gowns because of the amazing variety. I feel like each designer really let loose and showcased their personal aesthetics this season, offering more diverse gowns than I have seen in a while! Enjoy these gowns for a bit and I’ll be back soon with the latest trends from my favorite designers.

Happy planning!


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