I’ve heard so many brides say that one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning was choosing a bridesmaids’ dress! So many brides want their girls to love the dress, look great in it, be able to afford it, and be able to wear it again after the wedding. Those are a lot of qualifications to fill, even if you only have one maid! I am convinced that the embarrassing photos from the 80’s could have been avoided if finding a dress would have been easier! Luckily, you don’t have to subject your girls to the terror of taffeta because there are so many great resources dedicated to making your dress search a cinch! Whether your maids are all in your town or scattered across the globe, I have some great shopping tips to help you mark that off your list fast.

This site is a revolution. Sign up for an account, enter your wedding date, and bridesmaids’ e-mail addresses, and you are halfway there! Each person will receive a link to your showroom, where you can gather the styles you like and your party can vote and order directly. It will even generate a suggested “order by” date based on your wedding date and remind your group to get those orders in! You can narrow your dress search by color, designer, theme, season, body type, and price. And the icing on the cake? They have collections of ties and other accessories so you can match the guys up! Wow! They don’t even stop there. They have accessories, flower girl gowns, and little white dresses too. A true one stop shop! They professional stylists are always on hand to help you pull your look together as well. So what are you waiting for? Go get started!

Bella Bridesmaid - Showroom photo by Peacock Photo

Bella Bridesmaid – Showroom photo by Peacock Photo

If you are more of a touchy-feely, try on type of girl, you need to get yourself to a Bella location. Not only are there 43 locations nationwide (so all of your girls can get into a store), they carry so many GREAT designers! You can also get mom all set here, too. They have lines of mother-of-the-occasion in addition to their cute stuff for the younger crowd. So find your nearest Bella location (I’m lucky to have one just a few blocks away on King Street!) and have a fashion show! You’re sure to find something perfect that everyone will love.


You may have already noticed, but your favorite two brands have expanded to weddings! All the things you love about these two brands great ready-to-wear items are carried over to their special occasion lines. You already know how these clothes fit you, so there’s not much guessing on sizing either! J. Crew offers extra support in coordinating your group and keeping everything on track too. So extend your preppy love affair to your big day! These reliable retailers will make sure everyone is looking great!


This online retailer has always been the best go-to for amazing vintage finds and those quirky fun pieces to complete your closet, but now they are set to help out on your wedding day too! Their carefully curated collection of dresses now allows you to search for special occasion gowns in addition to the great categories they already have! Need any more proof that this will be a great option for your girls? Check out the recent endorsement they got by the gurus of everything wedding – Style Me Pretty! These two awesome sites are partnering up for a gift card giveaway, so make sure to enter for that as well!

Photo via The KNot. Check out the rest of the terrible dresses in this blog post!

Photo via The Knot. Check out the rest of the terrible dresses in this blog post!

If you still can’t find something everyone will like, just go bridezilla on them and insist on that taffeta from the 80’s. They’ll cave in a heartbeat. Kidding! They’ll love you for being so thoughtful. These are your besties, right? Don’t sweat it. Happy planning, y’all!





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