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Happy Thursday everyone! I’m sure you can all tell how much I love the Wentworth Mansion, but thanks to the winter storm, I was stuck there for a full 36 hours this week! It’s a beautiful place to be stuck in the ice, but I’m ready for a break. So today, I’m going to share one of my favorite weddings planning sites with you. is an amazing resource. It’s like Pinterest, but just for weddings!


There are so many functions that make easy to use and easy to find inspiration for each and every aspect of your wedding. When you sign up, they will as you to take a short style quiz and then select images that best match your wedding style! You can also browse their entire database of photos. You can search by category, color, or keyword. Then, when you find things you absolutely adore, you can save them into bundles or LOVE them! Bundles are similar to Pinterest boards, you can sort images to see them all together. When you love a photo, it just saves it to your profile without putting it into a specific bundle. You can see my bundles here and the images I’ve loved here!

about-howitworks-popular is also great because it credits the vendors used from each photo, so if you absolutely adore someone’s work, you can contact them! Many images are also posted by vendors themselves, so you can shop directly from the photo. Your other favorite bloggers use too! Southern Weddings posts some beautiful images from their submissions. Grey Likes Weddings also posts amazing inspiration! There are so many other excellent blogs that contribute as well.


So if you are a bride or just a wedding enthusiast like me, go give it a shot! Always remember though – it is just inspiration. Don’t get overwhelmed in all of the details! Your guests may not remember exactly what your centerpiece looked like, but they will remember your gratitude for their presence at your special day. But now I’m getting sappy. I think its from all those hours stuck in a Victorian house…

Happy planning y’all!

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