Finding my way!

Y’all, I had no idea how much FUN blogging is! OK, so maybe I was a little overzealous and launched this before I completely understood all the ins and outs of a website, but I love learning as I go.


Today, I am so excited to announce that I will be launching P&P Pros! My own round-up of the best vendors in the Charleston area that will make your big day fabulous. I will do my best to have someone in every category you could imagine and to feature each one individually on the blog. Is this a huge undertaking? Yes. Am I going to have an excellent time doing it? Absolutely!


I hope you will all bear with me as I continue to expand and perfect this crazy little project. Over the next few weeks, I will feature some amazing vendors and the gorgeous weddings they helped me to create at the Wentworth Mansion. I’m also going to show some link love and hook you up with my favorite sources of inspiration. But enough about the future! Here are a few links to get your dreaming started NOW!


In love with all of these copper wedding details from A Coastal Bride!


This bride (and all her guests!) have some serious style!


Film Photography takes your breath away, and The Lovely Find always finds the best!


Happy planning!


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